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CAMEST News June 2010 — Incorporation of CAMWEST; BikeEast presentation; ParraCAN and; Cheap Bicycle Helmets; Secure Bicycle Parking In Parramatta; Ride Leaders

News from the West May 2010 — Bike Futures; Paul Bowyer’s Heritage Rides; Secure Bicycle Parking In Parramatta; Parramatta City Council Cycleways Committee; Ride2 Riverstone Festival; Thanks; M2 Upgrade

September 2006 — Mark Robson's Rides; New Articles on Peak Oil; Saddle Surveys; Rob Kemp's M7 web site

June 2005 — Enjoy Parramatta Heritage - on Your Bike! Bicycles — Legal Status?

March 2005 — Remembering Bill Brewer (1946 - 2004); Holroyd Happenings; Duck River Valley — The Cycleway with Missing Links; Bay to Mountains Development

November 2004 — Liverpool Transitway Ride — Report; Holroyd Happenings; Orphan School Creek Inspection; Prospect Loop Ride Report; Postcard from the Future — Great Cycleway Design; In the Media Lately

September 04 — Tizzana Ride Ride Report; Castle Hills Markets Ride — Wet but Fun; CAMWEST leads Advocacy Workshop; New Shared Paths; Cycle Connect — More Bike Lockers; Cycleways to Recovery?

July 04Beyond Peak Oil; Tizzana Ride Coming Up; CAMWEST Wins Grant for Heritage Ride!; Parramatta Heritage Ride Report; Advocacy Workshop; Hawkesbury Happenings — Funding Cut!; Chipping Norton Ride Report; Blacktown to M2 Link Feedback; Holroyd Happenings.

May 04 — Oil Prices Hit $40 — Deputy PM Confirms Peak Oil Risks; Farewell to Bill Brewer; Greystanes Canal Reserve; Holroyd Happenings — Open Days; Hawkesbury Happenings — Windsor Road Upgrade.

February 04 — 2004 Rides!; Holroyd Happenings — Cycleway Opens; Blacktown — Bike parking and connections; Parramatta — Council Steering Committee Starts.

December 03Fitting Bicycles to People; 2004 Rides!; Holroyd Happenings; Western Sydney Recreational Needs Study; Parramatta — Funding Awarded, Committee Announced; Hawkesbury — Cycleways Progressing; CSIRO Site Development; Canal Project — Healthy Interest; Cycleway Names; Cycle Sydney Bigger than Ever; A Daydream; Oil Coverage: The Economist, ABC, International Energy Agency, Labor Council.

October-November 2003The Energy Paradigm Shift; Bike Week Celebrations; Ride to Work Day; Parramatta Heritage Ride; M4 Cycleway Progress; Prospect Canal Cycleway Complete!; Bay to Mountains Ride — 200 Riders; Tizzana Winery Luncheon Ride a Hit; Holroyd — Steering Committee Set Up; Hawkesbury — Schools Connected; Print Newsletter Released; CAMWEST at Bike Show; CAMWEST AGM Report; Another Cyclist is Born; ABC, CSIRO, New Scientist Cover Oil Depletion; Public Transport Trouble — Parry Inquiry.

August-September 2003Duck River Cycleway Proposal; Celebrate Bike Week!; Blacktown — International Peace Park Cycleway; Parramatta — M4 Cycleway Complete!; Hawkesbury — $100K Allocated; Conflict Crossings; CAMWEST Member Dies in Tibet; WA Minister Acknowledges Oil Depletion and initiates Transport Energy Strategy; Bush Energy Adviser Discusses Oil Production Peak.

June-July 2003Active Transport is the Way to Go; Bridges Galore; Rouse Hill Ride; Hunter Valley Ride; M4 Cycleway; Oil Depletion Covered in Conferences; New CAMWEST Resources.

November-December 2002Childhood Obesity; Parramatta Ride to Work Day; Parramatta Cycling Guide Launched; Prospect Canal Cycleway Progress; New CAMWEST Email Address; Bay to Mountains Ride Report; State Elections Coming Up; Bike Cops for NSW; Future Dilemmas Released; CAMWEST Rides to the Gong; Somerville's 2003 Bicycle Cartoon Calendar; NRMA Full Mobility; Bike Lockers Available.

September-October 2002Cycle Lane Design; Free Breakfast — Ride to Work; New CAMWEST Email Address; Child Obesity Symposium at Westmead; Tizzana Ride A Hit!; Rouse Hill Ride Also a Success; New Blacktown Bike Plan; Hawkesbury Happenings; Holroyd Area; Baulkham Hills Area; Bike Lockers Available.

July-August 2002Parramatta Cycling Issues; North-West T-Way Meeting; Clyde St Meeting; Holroyd Rep Needed; Baulkham Hills Cycleways a Goer; M4 Viaduct Cycleway Report; Merrylands Shopping Centre Submission; Rooty Hill Bridge Improvement; Rouse Hill Ride a Hit; Liverpool-Parramatta T-Way Update; Transport Union Public Transport Paper; Oil Peak Seminar; IEA Recommends on Energy and Sustainable Development; Bike Cops are Tops.

April-June 2002RTA Big Ride Reviewed; North West Transitways Need Cycleways; Bike Cops are Tops; Pollies go for a Bush Pedal; Thackery Bridge Improved!; Transport Talks; Riding Partner Sought.

February-March 2002Parramatta Bike Plan Updated; Keep Parramatta Streets People Friendly; Girl Cyclist Knocked at Westmead; RTA Manager Talk to CAMWEST; Bike Rack Missing — Parramatta Mall; CAMWEST Transitways Feedback; Bike Cops are Tops — at Cabramatta

October-November 2001Federal Election Issues; CAMWEST goes to Bicycling Australia Show; Kliens Rd Safety Issues Raised; Riding Partner Sought ; Hawkesbury Happenings; Baulkham Hills — Path Changed; Parramatta-Chatswood Progress; Bike cops can fight crime; CAMWEST Late on December .

August-September 2001Federal election Issues; Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust — Developments; Elizabeth St Footbridge Go Ahead; Western Sydney Advocacy Meeting; Kleins Road Progress; Speed Policed at Parramatta Park; Childhood Obesity Triples; Attitudes to Sport Same post-Olympics; Australia neglects Environment; Kyoto Talks — in Bonn.

June-July 2001Street Reclaiming; Bay to Mountains Ride Update; Rouse Hill BBQ Ride a Success; Pollie Pedal through Parramatta; Cyclist Killed at Greystanes; Canal Cycleway Under Construction; Oil Supply Document Released; Douglas Adams Dies; Blue Mountains RailTrail Gains Momentum; CSIRO Precinct Plan; Tizzana Ride Photos; Calling Blacktown Advocates; Hawkesbury Happenings; US Releases New Energy Policy; Budget Cuts Greenhouse Funds

April-May 2001Web Advocacy — CAMWEST's Experience; Road Toll — The Real Problem?; Western Orbital EIS Released; Public Transport Growth — Bikes Needed; Parramatta Park Car Free Days; Election Year Starts

February-March 2001Heritage River Cycleway; Road Toll — The Real Problem?; Western Orbital EIS Released; Public Transport Growth — Bikes Needed; Parramatta Park Car Free Days; Election Year Starts — Cycling an Issue; Cycle Sydney a Success; Oil Prices to Increase Again; Asthma Epidemic Danger; Olympic Park Re-Development; CAMWEST's Action Corner Starts.

December 2000-January 2001Parramatta-Liverpool RailTrail Opening; Oil Prices Still Very High; CAMWEST on Sydney Morning Herald; Bay to Mountains ride a huge success; Global Warming Alert; Parramatta Council Reviews Bike Plan; CAMWEST Christmas BBQ; Liverpool Busway EIS Submission; Disabled Rider a Hero.

October-November 2000Petrol price crisis and bikes; Olympics Review; Parramatta Council to review Bike Plan; Upper-Parramatta catchment cycleway proposal.

August-September 2000Police and bikes; Riding to Olympic Park; Upper-Parramatta catchment cycleway proposal.

June-July 2000Riding to Work; Bike lockers at train stations; Parramatta Liverpool rail trail; John Whitton bridge opened; New Homebush cycleways map; Riding to Olympic Park.

April-May 2000Ian Macindoe interview; Parramatta Link EIS; Easter Show; BikePlan 2010.

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