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An Unbroken Line Through The CBD

Mark Robson has written another interesting article about improvements to cycling in the City of Parramatta: An Unbroken Line Through The CBD — A clear cycling route through Parramatta.

Work by Parramatta Cycleways Committee

Nick has provided a saddle survey of a route from Mona Street at Duck River to Granville Station

Robert Catford provides saddle surveys of Parramatta bike plan routes 4, 9, 10, 14.

Ian Macindoe has compiled a report showing recent and current matters considered by the Parramatta Cycleways Committee. The Parramatta Cycleways Committee is managed by the Parramatta Council.

Time to Develop a New Cycling Plan

Small view of Parramatta Bike Route planThe image shows a map of the current Parramatta Cycleways Committee plan.

This is an important time for cyclists in our region. The Parramatta Cycleways Committee is beginning a review of the Cycling Plan. This plan will determine recommendations for spending of money on cycling infrastructure over the next few years. We hope to put information about the progress of the work here, so that you may comment on it.

The last meeting of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee (12 September 2006) decided that members would review particular routes on their bicycles, including but not restricted to the following criteria:

Work Done Towards the New Plan

Here is some of the work done by Ian Macindoe, our most venerable CAMWESTie. :-)

Saddle Survey of Liverpool to Parramatta Rail Trail

Ian Macindoe has conducted a saddle survey of Regional Route 19, the Liverpool to Parramatta Rail Trail.

Saddle Survey of Regional Route 2

Ian Macindoe has conducted a saddle survey of Regional Route 2 which runs from Parramatta CBD to Baulkham Hills via Winston Hills.

Proposed Plan for Local Route 5

Ian Macindoe has submitted a plan for Local Route 5 which runs to Parramatta Lake (North Parramatta).

Saddle Survey of Local Route 17

Nick Urbanik has submitted a plan for Local Route 17 which runs from Parramatta to UWS.


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