CAMWEST: Cyclists’ Action Movement West

New cycling promotion project in Western Sydney

The Health Promotion Service of Sydney South West has just been awarded funding from the NSW Health Department for a three-year project to promote the use of new cycling infrastructure in Western Sydney.

The idea of the project is to see whether the promotion of good cycling infrastructure increases the overall level of cycling (or just channels existing cyclists onto these routes). Further it seeks to test if there is an increase in cycling, does this contribute to an overall increase in population levels of physical activity (or just switches the type of activity people do from say running to cycling).

A range of activities will be implemented to target those people with bikes but not currently cycling, and those people thinking about starting to ride. These activities are yet to be finalised, but are likely to include beginner group rides, including a confidence building component, family focused event rides, key workplace and TAFE based programs and continuous social marketing.

The evaluation will use bike counters on specific routes, as well as in other parts of Sydney, and a telephone survey of people living in the target area.

Led by Chris Rissel of the SSW Health Promotion Service, the project advisory team includes Bicycle NSW (Alex Unwin), the RTA (Phil Margison), the NSW Centre for Physical Activity and Health (Dafna Merom), Deakin University (Jan Garrard), Liverpool Council (Owen Hodgson), Fairfield Council (Annette Stafford and Alison Mortimer) and CAMWEST (Robert Catford).

For more information or offers of assistance, contact Chris Rissel (


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