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Sustainable House Day 9, 10 September 2006

Sustainable House Day is happening this weekend (Sept 9th & 10th). There are around 14 houses open in the Sydney area — 7 (mostly in Western Sydney, including mine) on Saturday, and 7 in the remainder of Sydney on the Sunday. Opening times are 10am – 4pm. See for details and ticket prices. Unfortunately the weather is not looking the best at this stage. If you were keen, it'd be quite cyclable to visit the Earthcare centre at Richmond, Nevin's house at St Clair and my place on the Saturday. I might even organise a ‘sustainability ride’ sometime in the future....

Rob Kemp

CAMWEST member's model sustainable home

The original article was published on page 3 of the Blacktown City Sun on 2006-08-15. There is a scanned copy at Rob's web site. I have typed out the content here.

by Nick Soon

HOUSEHOLDERS could pay as little as $20 for electricity quarterly, and only $130 for water, says Rooty Hill resident Ropb Kemp.

The 40-year old technician with the Bureau of Meteorology will explain how when he opens his house to the public for Sustainable House Day on Saturday, September 9.

He has cut his power bill by $330 and water by $30 a year using solar power.

In 1999, Mr Kemp started making his 50-year-old home sustainable. He installed a solar hot-water sy“stem, solar panels for power, a sunlight collector to warm the house, rainwater tanks, special guttering to collect clean water for re-use, and blinds to keep out the glare of the sun. It has cost about $20,000.

“It makes me feel independent,” he said. “Instead of wasting valuable resources, I want to create a better environment for future generations.”

Mr Kemp takes public transport to his city job and rides a bicycle for recreation.

“Although I have a driving license I haven't owned a car for 12 years,” he said.

National Sustainability House Day co-ordinator Julien Lacave said: “The event offers the public the opportunity to explore actual sustainable homes to gain insight into the effectiveness comfort and economic efficiencies of good residential design.

”The event aims to show how good design can eliminate the need for heating and cooling and thus save money and the environment.”

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