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Recent and current matters considered by the Parramatta Cycleways Committee

ADVOCACY: Recent and current matters being considered by the Parramatta Cycleways Committee of the Parramatta City Council.

The following cycling concerns are presently being discussed or are awaiting action in the Parramatta local government area:

Transitway (T-way) cycleway from Parramatta to Rouse Hill

The cycleway is under construction as the T-way for buses is being built. Two problem areas are of concern to the Cycleways Committee. These are

  1. the cycling access across Cumberland Highway at its junction with Old Windsor Rd., and
  2. access through Parramatta Park.
It is anticipated that the difficulties in these areas will be resolved by the end of 2006.

Completion of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway on the north side of Parramatta River

This long-term project is now nearing completion. The masterplan was adopted by Parramatta City Council in late 2005. Sections of the cycleway have been built and others are either currently under construction or in the detailed planning stage. The section that traverses the University of Western Sydney Parramatta Campus is scheduled for completion. Similarly, planning is under way for the section from Church St to Parramatta Park. An incomplete section between Spurway St, Ermington, and Silverwater Rd bridge is being investigate concerning the delay in its completion.

Revision of the Parramatta Bike Plan

During the financial year 2006–7 the Bike Plan of Parramatta City Council will undergo a review with the intention of bringing it up to date with changes that have occurred in recent years, and to set priorities for its staged implementation. Cycling advocate members of the Committee have indicated their intention of reviewing particular routes and reporting their findings and recommendations to the Committee.

Regional Route 2 (Parramatta to Baulkham Hills via Winston Hills)

The results of a saddle survey were presented to the Parramatta Cycleways Committee in late 2004. It is hoped that this incomplete route will be upgraded as a high priority in the review of the Bike Plan and may serve as a benchmark standard for other routes in the Parramatta LGA. Route 2 links, at the Baulkham Hills end, to both

  1. the T-way (Rouse Hill to Parramatta) and
  2. a major regional cycleway from Baulkham Hills.

At the Parramatta end it bifurcates in its approach to the CBD via

  1. O’Connell St, and
  2. local route 5 leading to Brickfield St and Phillip St via the Elizabeth St bridge.

Thus Regional Route 2 is a major north-south route linking Baulkham Hills/Rouse Hill with Winston Hills/Northmead/North Parramatta and the Parramatta CBD. There are some difficult problems to be resolved with the route and it is hoped that these will be addressed within the 2006 to 2008 time frame.

Local Route 5 (Lake Parramatta and Regional Route 2 to Parramatta CBD)

The link with Regional Route 2 is of particular concern. A saddle survey and recommendations to the Committee have been completed by Ian Macindoe.

Shared access on Elizabeth Street Bridge

The need has been raised to clarify for users the space available for both walking and cycling.

Epping TMAP (Transport Management and Accessibility Plan)

Consultation with residents and local organisations with the aim of facilitating walking, cycling and public transport use, one member of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee took on the responsibility of an on-site review of the proposals for cycling. Comments and suggestions were passed on to the appropriate people on Council staff.

Improvements to cycleways in Parramatta associated with the Liverpool to Parramatta Rail Trail

A saddle survey of the Liverpool to Parramatta Rail Trail and Associated Cycleways was conducted in September 2005 and submitted to the Committee. A number of shortcomings of some associated cycleways in Parramatta were identified and should be noted for upgrading as the Bike Plan is reviewed (Council staff has already listed them for budget purposes). The Committee communicated with the RTA concerning some other upgrading as a result of the saddle survey: re Randle St, Boomerang St, Woodville Rd.

Lake Parramatta Reserve — Baulkham Hills Connection: North Rocks Rd and Church St linkages between Baulkham Hills Council cycleways and Parramatta City Council’s cycleways

Baulkham Hills Shire Council has cycleway projects following Hunts Creek and Darling Mills Creek. The problem is to link them with cycleways in North Parramatta, especially at the intersection of North Rocks Rd and Church St. (minutes of 10 May 2005). Currently awaiting word from the Baulkham Hills Cycleways Co-ordinator concerning the use of Kings School land for connecting the cycleway from Carlingford.

Granville to South Granville Bike Route and improvements to Mona St bridge and approaches

Concerns were identified (missing link along Parramatta Road; need for a connection with Auburn Council’s cycleway; improvements to Mona St bridge and approaches to the bridge). Will be referred back to Parramatta Cycleways Committee when detailed design and costing are completed (minutes of 10 May 2005).


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