CAMWEST: Cyclists’ Action Movement West

Saddle Survey of Liverpool to Parramatta Rail Trail and Other Cycleways

Conducted Thursday, 15 September 2005 by Ian Macindoe (CAMWEST)

Preface note:

Due to construction in the area of Parramatta Railway Station, the following survey begins at the Elizabeth St bridge and follows the cycling route shown on the ‘Sydney and Parramatta’ RTA map (December 2003) of Phillip St/Charles St/George St/Alfred St/Alice St/Good St/M4 viaduct before joining the Rail Trail proper.

The saddle survey was recorded on tape and the main points transcribed as below. The numbers preceding the comments indicate the point on the tape counter that each comment commences.

The ‘naïve cyclist’ principle:

A most important feature of this survey is that it ‘assumes a naïve cyclist’ which is a principle that should be observed by all planners and implementers of cycle routes. By a ‘naïve cyclist’ I mean a rider who may or may not have a map but who, in any case, must rely on signage to know whether she/he is on a cycle route leading to the intended destination. No assumption should be made that ‘of course, the cyclist will understand that the route now leads X, Y and Z’. At each choice point the assumption must be that the naïve cyclist, having never ridden on this route previously, will be asking ‘do I turn left, right or go straight ahead?’

Saddle survey heading south

25 — Between Phillip St (Elizabeth St bridge) and Alfred St (Parramatta City Council):

76 — Alfred St (Parramatta City Council):

100 — Good St (Parramatta City Council):

170 — M4 Cycleway (RTA):

215 — Woodville Rd between Parramatta Rd and Randle St (Parramatta City Council/RTA):

230 — Randle St (Parramatta City Council/RTA):

298 — Railway Terrace, Merrylands (RTA):

340 — Military Rd, Guildford/Yennora (RTA):

353 — Fairfield St/Dale St, Fairfield (RTA):

370 — Dale St/Wilga St, Fairfield (RTA):

444 — Canley Vale Railway Station (RTA):

515 — Cabramatta Station (RTA):

560 — Dangerous crossing—Corner of Broomfield St and Sussex St (RTA):

609 — Roadway through Warwick Farm Recreation Reserve (Liverpool City Council):

622 — Lachlan St at Liverpool Boys High School (Liverpool City Council):

Saddle survey heading north

626 — Footbridge over rail line at pipeline, Guildford (RTA):

635 — M4 Cycleway at Good St (Parramatta City Council/RTA):

642 — Good St, Harris Park (Parramatta City Council):

712 — Corner of Alice St and Alfred St, Harris Park (Parramatta City Council):

734 — Alfred St, Harris Park (Parramatta City Council):

750 — Between Alfred St and Elizabeth St bridge, Parramatta (Parramatta City Council):

Ian Macindoe


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