CAMWEST: Cyclists’ Action Movement West

Parramatta City Council Bike Plan: Local Route 5

The following is a submission to the Parramatta Cycleways Committee made by Ian Macindoe, our longest running CAMWESTie.

Local Route 5 joins Phillip St in the Parramatta CBD with

  1. Lake Parramatta, and
  2. Regional Route 2 at Church St and Board St.

For the purpose of this document Local Route 5 is discussed with the starting point of the corner of Church St and Board St in North Parramatta.

It cannot be over-emphasised that for Council staff to form a full understanding of the comments made below they need to accompany the author by bicycle and ride the route. Viewing maps and regarding the on-site locations from the perspective of a motorised driver simply fails to reveal the factors that are faced by cyclists.

  1. From Board St cyclists ride on the shared path on the west side of Church St. The signage is so inadequate that it is doubtful whether one cyclist in ten are aware that the pathway is shared between pedestrians and cyclists. The odds are even greater for the businesses along that stretch of Church St (between Board St and Barney St) and greater still for the general public.
  2. At present Local Route 5 (LR5) requires cyclists to cross Church St at Barney St. For reasons given below it is recommended that an alternative replace the route on Barney St. The reasons are:

    1. to cross Church St at Barney St lights involves not only an awkward manoeuvre, but a dangerous one;
    2. the grade on Barney St is such that it is a disincentive to cycling; and
    3. the proposed alternative overcomes these problems and is a far more satisfactory route.
  3. The alternative to Barney St is that the shared pathway along the western side of Church St be extended to Factory St, that the crossing of Church St occur with the traffic signals there, and that the route proceed along Factory St to Castle St. This alternative overcomes the difficulties of crossing Church St at Barney St and presents cyclists with much gentler grades.
  4. Cyclists would then head south on Castle St and, using an existing dropped curb, ride along a pathway (to be constructed) across Belmore Park to connect with Pennant Hills Rd opposite Gladstone St.
  5. Cyclists would cross Pennant Hills Rd onto Gladstone St (thus avoiding the present dangerous crossing at the end of Castle St, and also avoiding the poor sight lines associated with the nearby bus shelter and stop on Pennant Hills Rd).
  6. A turn to the south after one block on Gladstone St puts cyclists on Sorrell St for one block before turning east onto Isabella St. (It is recommended that the route not proceed on Gladstone St to Brickfield St because of the dangerous-to-cyclists residential parking arrangements on Gladstone St between Sorrell and Brickfield Sts).
  7. From Isabella St cyclists turn south onto Brickfield St and take it all the way to Victoria St where a careful crossing is necessary before proceeding along Elizabeth St to the footbridge and thus to Phillip St in downtown Parramatta.

From the corner of Factory St and Castle St, if cyclists are heading for Lake Parramatta, the route would be along Castle St to Iron St, then to Bourke St and Lake Parramatta.


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