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CAMWEST fully supports Bicycle NSW's bike locker scheme. The scheme seems to us one of the best ways to improve our air quality. It is short car trips, such as to the train station, that produce a lot of pollution. It also gives busy people the chance to do exercise on the way to work.

We believe there should be lockers in Strathfield station. People in western Sydney could cycle to Parramatta along valley cycleway and through Homebush, park at the station, and catch a train from there to the city. This would involve a reasonable distance (15 Km from Parramatta, about 45 minutes) on mostly off-road tracks. Users would save on the train fair, while avoiding the inner city and the extra traffic.

Strathfield is a big interchange station, which makes it an ideal target. Many people may already be changing trains at Strathfield, so they might be more inclined to cycle there.

Lockers at Strathfield could attract people from the Hills area, Merrylands, and south of Strathfield, along the Duck River cycleway.

Some other ideas and suggestions are:

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