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News — June–July 2000

Riding to Work

Many of us are too busy to do exercise, but spend hours per week stuck in traffic on our way to work. Why not ride to work and kill two birds with one stone? This is surely one of the best ways to get to work: it's healthy, cheap, and FUN!

In this issue of 'CAMWEST News' we interview a few people who ride to work. They come from a variety of backgrounds (one is a triathlete, another has recently started riding again since school), but they all love it. They give us some great tips on how to get started. These are some of their comments:

"The bus to work takes too long, driving in the traffic is a hassle (Epping road is yuck), and I wanted to get a bit fitter."Colin

"I was mostly worried about safety on the road, particularily at night, but a good bike path and a good light, as well as familiarity with the route alieves those problems."Matt

"I now couldn't think of another way of getting to the station. It feels good, even if it's a bit cold. I no longer get so frustrated, and it's actually faster than the car!"Esteban

"... cycling to work can be fun, healthy and good for the environment."Ian

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Parra Council narrows cycle route

Parramatta City Council has line-marked a wide centre median strip on Kleins Road Northmead, between Boundary Road and Briens Road. This is a recognised cycle route in the councils BikePlan. The parking lanes are now so narrow that there is no room left for bikes if cars are parked there - common on weekdays as it is an industrial area.

CAMWEST has met with council representatives and raised the issue. Watch this space for developments. Meanwhile, feel free to write to council and ask them to fully implement their own BikePlan.

CAMWEST Rides Coming Up!

Two of the main CAMWEST rides, The Bay to Mountains and the Tizzana Winery Luncheon ride, are fast approaching. We have been working hard in organising them, so we hope you enjoy them. Come along for a great day!

Eat Streets 2000 at Parramatta

This year's Eat Streets is being held at Parramatta. Why not enjoy a lazy weekend ride and reward yourself with a great lunch at one of Parramatta's many restaurants?

The event runs from 17 June to 2 July. You can also join us for our 'Multi-Grain Ride', on Saturday July 1. This ride is our contribution to the event, and it'll be lots of fun! We're highlighting the proposed cycleway along the 'Heritage River', the upper Parramatta River catchment. This will link the Hills area and Old Toongabbie with Parramatta CBD.

Parramatta-Liverpool Cycleway

Work on the Parramatta-Liverpool cycleway, following the rail corridor, is progressing. This is a welcome route to the south from Parramatta which follows easy gradients.

John Whitton Railway Bridge

The new cycleway on the John Whitton railway bridge has been completed. The bridge links Medowbank and Rhodes. This is a great addition to the Parramatta Valley Cycleway, and makes it a lot easier to get to the Olympic Park. However, access from the west could be made clearer with better signage.

If riding from Parramatta, go under the bridge, and turn the first left. Go up the hill, and at the end turn left again. You will see the entrance on your right.

New Free Cycleway Map

The RTA has release a new version of its popular free Homebush Bay cycleway map. It now shows the relative difficulties of routes. It has been updated to show the latest additions to Sydney's cycleway network. Well done RTA!

You can grab your free maps by calling 1 800 060 607. You can also get electronic versions.

Cycleway Redevelopment

Congratulations to Ryde council for its redevelopment of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway section at Shepperds Bay, just south of Meadowbank.

Bike Lockers at Train Stations

Tired of driving to the station and looking for a parking spot and ending up miles from the station? Need to do some exercise, but are too busy? Hate to pay a lot of cash for bus trips?
Bicycle NSW has come up with a great idea to integrate cycling and public transport. For as little as 50 cents a day, you can have your own, secure bike locker right next to the station. For more details, see the Bicycle NSW Lockers page.
CAMWEST is a keen supporter of this scheme. It could replace many short car trips, which are the most polluting. It would also reduce local congestion. Good lockers together with our proposed cycleway from the Hills are to Parramatta, for example, could give a lot of people a very attractive alternative.
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Riding to Olympic Park

Here's a great way to get to Homebush Bay while having a great time. There are a number of cycleways which end up at Olympic Park. The best thing to do is to get the RTA's FREE Cycleways maps. Call 1 800 060 607, or get an electronic version. We especially recommend the Homebush map.
From Westmead, Parramatta, Rydalmere, Ermington, and Meadowbank, simply take the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and turn south towards Rhodes.
From South Strathfield, Canterbury, and Tempe, follow the Duck River cycleway north.
These cycleways are mostly off-road paths, so you won't have to worry about cars. There is a number of undercover U-rails to lock your bikes to in the two main car parking areas.

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