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Feature — Police on Bikes

Leave the car at the station...

After a long time of depending on motorised vehicles, police units around the world are starting to see once again the value of bicycles for policing. The Parramatta command was the first in Sydney to adopt bikes, and it was an instant success in community policing. It now receives calls from other units wanting to start their own. It has grown to 14 members, has achieved 246 arrests and laid more than 300 charges. It has contributed in bringing Parramatta down from the 3rd worst crime area to a ranking of 21.

In this issue of CAMWEST News, we interview Senior Constable Dave Flood, a keen cyclist and an officer in the Parramatta police unit. He tells us how it all started, describes a typical day in the bike unit, and shares his thoughts on cycling in Western Sydney.

Using bikes for policing is a very cost-effective way of fighting crime and working together with the community. The advantages:

An article titled Cities Turning to Bicycles, from the Worldwatch Institute, estimates that "more than 2,000 police departments in the United States, Canada, Australia, Iceland, and Russia have bicycle units, with some 10,000 officers on bikes". It was found that arrest-rates jumped when bikes were introduced.

CAMWEST is a great supporter of bike policing and congratulates those involved. The NSW Police service could expand on this great initiative:

Other areas where bikes could be used are:

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Police escort in one of our rides

What you can do:

Write to the Parramatta Local Area Command, congratulate them and ask them to expand the scheme.

Parramatta Commander: Dana Jennings
95 Marsden Street, PARRAMATTA 2150
Phone: 02 9633 9633 Fax: 02 9633 0795.

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Avanti Barracuda: the standard for bicycle police units proposed by Snr Cnst Dave Flood.

Your Thoughts

So what do you think? Do you support police units expanding on this idea? Have you seen any in action around your area? Let us know, and we'll publish your thoughts. Join our mailing lists.


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