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News — April 2000

Ian Macindoe Interview

Ian was the original founder of CAMWEST, and has been the engine behind the group for a number of years. In this interview for the launching of our website, we bring you some of his memories, hopes, and wisdom on advocacy in Western Sydney. These are some of his thoughts:

I ... was so appalled by the level of traffic and state of the roads that I felt something should be done about it.

Persistence is very important and you must follow through.

In my opinion as consumers of the cycling infrastructure, CAMWEST needs to be more diligent in acting as ‘watchdogs’ to ensure that infrastructure is properly implemented and maintained.

Read full interview.

Parramatta Link EIS Submission

CAMWEST recently made a submission for the Parramatta Link EIS. Read about the points we made, including:

News Flash: As a result of CAMWEST's and other submissions, the State Government has announced that there will be no permanent impact on Parramatta Park. This shows that we can all make a difference in the way decisions are made in government.

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Riding to the Easter Show

Here's a great way to get to the show while having a great time. There are a number of cycleways which end up at Olympic Park. The best thing to do is to get the RTA's FREE Cycleways maps. Call 1 800 060 607, or get an electronic version. We especially recommend the Homebush map.

From Westmead, Parramatta, Rydalmere, Ermington, and Meadowbank, simply take the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and turn south towards Rhodes.

From South Strathfield, Canterbury, and Tempe, follow the Duck River cycleway north.

These cycleways are mostly off-road paths, so you won't have to worry about cars. There is a number of undercover U-rails to lock your bikes to in the two main car parking areas.

Demo ride a success

CAMWEST held a demonstration ride on Australia Day. The ride followed the route we are proposing for the Upper Parramatta River catchment cycleway, linking Old Toongabie and the Hills area with the Parramatta CBD. The ride was well attended by community members, and we all saw the value of the cycleway. It looks like it could be built without major hassles if all stakeholders work together and appropriate funding is provided.

BikePlan 2010 released

The RTA has released its strategy for providing real options for cycling in Sydney. Download the document and make up your own mind. See whole article.

To get your own free copy of BikePlan 2010:
  Call 1800 060607
  Fax (02) 9218 6738

Bike Lockers at Train Stations

Tired of driving to the station and looking for a parking spot and ending up miles from the station. Need to do some exercise, but are too busy? Hate to pay a lot of cash for bus trips?

ycle NSW has come up with a great idea to integrate cycling and public transport. For as little as 50 cents a day, you can have your own, secure bike locker right next to the station. For more details, see the Bicycle NSW Lockers page.

CAMWEST is a keen supporter of this scheme. It could replace many short car trips, which are the most polluting. It would also reduce local congestion. Good lockers together with our proposed cycleway from the Hills are to Parramatta, for example, could give a lot of people a very attractive alternative.

More Details.

Sydney to Wollongong

Now is the time to start training for this year's Sydney to Wollongong ride! It's on Sunday 19 November. Last year was a hard slog, but we made it. A number of CAMWEST members enjoyed a great day out cycling. Make sure you join us.

Cycle Sydney ride

The Cycle Sydney ride was another example of how, when people are given the chance to ride, they take it! We need cycling facilites now, not in ten years. Thousands of Sydney siders enjoyed a great day out riding, in a safe, fun atmosphere. Make sure you come next year - bring your friends and family! It usually is on the third Sunday of September. However, the olympics have pushed it back to early December this year. For more information, call 1800 64 64 20 or visit Bicycle NSW's events site.

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