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Feature - BikePlan 2010 Released

The Plan is Out

The RTA has released its strategy for providing real options for cycling in Sydney. Download the document, visit the RTA site, and make up your own mind.

This document is a great opportunity for Sydney to get seriously committed to cycling as a viable form of transport. The Minister for Roads and Transport, Carl Scully, acknowledges that bicycle planning has been inadequate, and commits the government to a ten year plan of building better cycleways and facilities, costing $250 million. It places a great focus in building off-road facilities wherever possible. It also proposes innovative solutions, like the 'rail trails' following an existing train line.

It is a great start and the Minister is to be encouraged. However, ten years is a long time and bicycle facilities are needed now.

So what do you think? Are you happy with the plan? Let us know at cycling (AT) camwest.org.au, and we'll publish your thoughts. See our letters page.

An update in September 2006

A CAMWEST member reports that he thinks:

it's pretty much been abandoned. I know the path along the Western Railway Line is still a dream (I asked one of the RTA guys about it last year, and they admitted that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.)

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