CAMWEST: Cyclists’ Action Movement West

Projects — Wishlist

In this page we list some of the things we'd like to see in (Western) Sydney. Send us any suggestions to cycling (AT)

Expand Secure Bicycle Lockers

This is a great scheme with the potential to replace a lot of short, polluting car trips. Let's make it bigger! We need more lockers on more stations, especially big interchanges like Parramatta, Strathfield, and Blacktown. It should also be promoted more widely (ads on new timetables is a good step forward). See more of our ideas.

Bike storage on trains

It's in CityRail's interest to provide good bicycle storage on trains, as bike increases the 'catchment' area around a station. The lack of storage can be noticed acutely in country trains going to the Blue Mountains during weekends. Why not 'recycle' some of the old single-storey carriages, and use them as designated bike carriages? One of these could travel at the end of the train, and would be very useful for big events such as the RTA's Cycle Sydney or the Olympics.

300 Watt Power Assisted Bikes

The current limit for power assisted bikes is just 250W, with anything bigger needing a motorcycle registration. Unfortunately, many Japanese and European models are just above 250W. This is a great technology which could replace many short car trips and give us cheap, no fuss mobility. They are especially useful in hilly Sydney.

Better Funding for Council Bike Plans

The RTA needs to provide better funding to local councils trying to deal with their car congestion nightmares.

Councils to Encourage Cycling

Councils have a lot to gain from cycling, as it addresses some of their biggest problems: traffic congestion, ever growing road maintenance budget, lack of car parking, noise. Cycling would be particularly helpful in medium density areas.

Councils could encourage cycling by supporting some of the rides that groups like CAMWEST organise.



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