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The Upper Parramatta River Catchment Cycleway is a proposal to develop a cycleway from the Parramatta CBD travelling along the tributaries of the Upper Parramatta river to link a range of outlying areas by off-road routes. It would link into a range of other existing cycleways enabling provision of significantly improved cycle access within Western Sydney.

The proposal details the significance of Parramatta Regional Park as a hub for cycling networks in the Western Sydney area and seeks to develop this status into a world-class recreational facility. It also seeks to improve both cycle and pedestrian access to Parramatta Regional Park and Parramatta CBD. It could also improve tourist facilities and links to historic sites. It would also provide a great link for people to cycle from the Hills area to either Westmead or Parramatta stations and catch the train there to the city.

The proposed cycleway fulfils the aims of the Parramatta Regional Environment Plan regarding access and promoting cultural and historical identity.

CAMWEST has consulted with:

A broad order of costs has been prepared by Public Works & Services who have indicated their willingness to manage the project. These costs indicate that a cycleway built to Ausroads standards of three metres width, constructed in concrete and centre-line marked would cost in the vicinity of $6m. This cost could be spread across a range of agencies and the project could be completed in stages.

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