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Latest Cycle Route Changes

This post contains a list of known recent openings, re-openings and temporary shared path or popular cycling road closures around Western Sydney. Please contact us if you have any updates to these, or would like to let us know of other closures that aren't listed here.

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: 350m popup cycleway from Harris Park Station path to the M4 shared path, along Cambridge and Wigram Sts, Harris Park. See the Transport for NSW information brochure.

Date: October 2021

Note: This is easier and safer than the previous route along Raymond and High Sts.

Popup cycleway along Wigram St, Harris Park
Popup cycleway along Wigram St, Harris Park

⛔ Closure:

Location: Prospect Reservoir Shared Path between the Prospect Reservoir Picnic Area and Chandos Road. See the section on Google Maps.

Reason: Upgrade work on the Spillway bridge by Select Civil/Cardno on behalf of Water NSW.

Dates: Initially April to July 2021, but closure has been extended.

Note: The section of the Prospect Canal path between Guildford and the Prospect Reservoir picnic area is open.

Prospect Path Closure Notice
Prospect Path Closure Sign

⛔ Closure:

Location: Cornwallis Road in Cornwallis (Richmond Lowlands). See approximate position on Google Maps.

Reason: Section of road severely damaged by floods.

Dates: Closed March 2021. Still close mid November 2021.

Note: This is part of a popular cycling route between Richmond and Windsor, along the Hawkesbury River. It looks like it may take some time to reconstruct the road. There was no way through when the site was visited in May. A shorter loop can still be completed, starting and finishing at Richmond, and doing a loop around the western half of the Lowlands.

Damage to Cornwallis Road from floods
Cornwallis Rd gap....

⛔ Closure:

Location: Cooks River Shared Path Canterbury Rd underpass. See position on Google Maps.

Reason: Underpass upgrade by Canterbury Bankstown Council.

Dates: May 2021 to around Nov 2021

Details: Council's Canterbury Town Centre Upgrade page

Note: This is part of a popular cycling route between Strathfield and Wolli Creek, and being done as part of the Canterbury Town Centre upgrade.

Suggested Detour:

Canterbury Rd underpass detour map
Council's suggested detour during underpass closure.

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk Shared Path, opposite the Parramatta Ferry Wharf. See approximate alignment on Google Maps.

Date: April 1st, 2021

Note: This is a valuable 460m long addition to the Parramatta Valley Cycleway (shared path). It removes the need to climb the hill to cross Macarthur St at the zebra crossing, and makes navigation of the shared path a lot more straight-forward. See CAMWEST's Westmead to Concord West ride, which uses this section of path.

Escarpment Boardwalk near Parramatta Ferry terminal
Escarpment Boardwalk near Parramatta Ferry terminal
Intersection Survey Photo

Signalised Lantern Audit

Although CAMWEST is generally very supportive of shared path infrastructure, there is an issue with shared paths built alongside major arterial roads that is causing some degree of frustration for shared path users: the long delays experienced in legally crossing minor roads at signalised intersections.

Often the pedestrian and cyclist lanterns along the paths default to red. They only change to green after the user presses the button to cross, and waits until the main arterial carriageway traffic signals turn red to let the traffic on the minor road enter the intersection, and then green again. Pedestrian and Cyclist lanterns are generally programmed to change to green when the main arterial traffic signals first change to green. If the shared path user presses the button moments after the carriageway lights change, they have to wait for a complete cycle before being able to cross legally.

Pedestrians are no strangers to this issue when approaching signalised intersections on normal footpaths. It’s arguably more pronounced for cyclists, as they tend to traverse greater distances alongside arterial roads than most pedestrians would, thereby encountering a higher number of these intersections.

While a motorist turning onto a major arterial road may only have a significant wait once, the pedestrian and cyclist can experience significant waits at numerous signalised intersections. This is time-consuming for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian and cyclists have two choices when faced with these delays:

  1. Obey the law: Wait at each intersection until the lanterns turn green, significantly increasing journey time (and in some cases increase exposure to the elements);
  2. Disobey the law: Cross the road against the red lanterns when judged safe to do so.

CAMWEST riders have noted that at some intersections, particularly those utilising a separate left turn slip lane and pedestrian/cyclist island, there doesn’t appear to be any obvious safety reason as to why the pedestrian and cycle lanterns changes to green couldn’t be synchronised with regular carriageway signals on the same side of the road as the shared path. The lanterns would probably need to turn red before the main carriageway signals turned red to allow time for pedestrians to clear the intersection. Further observations at a number of intersections, including those with right-turn arrows, are required to confirm.

To this end, CAMWEST are endeavouring to conduct an audit of intersections along major arterial roads in Western Sydney to determine which may be suitable to have their pedestrian & cycle lanterns phasing changed to conform with the above. Once the audit is complete, we would approach RMS and other stakeholders with our findings with a view to asking for a reprogramming of pedestrian and cyclist lanterns at appropriate intersections.

We wouldn’t anticipate any adverse outcomes for other road users from these proposals. We are looking for pedestrians and people who ride bikes to assist us in conducting these audits. Would you be keen to help?

If so, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Girraween Ck Map

Girraween Ck Shared Path Extension

CAMWEST members have been looking at possible options for filling the 1.5km missing link in the Girraween Ck Shared path between Toongabbie and Pemulwuy. If able to be constructed through a culvert under the M4, the path would provide a reasonably flat 5 km route from the existing paths in Pemulwuy to Toongabbie Railway station.

See a Markup on Google Maps, outlining our preferred route, but also showing some other options. If you live in the Pemulwuy area and would like to become involved, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

2019 Bike Forum Participants Photo

Bicycle NSW Bike Forum 2019

On Oct 17th 2019 Rob and Charlene from CAMWEST joined with Bicycle NSW, State MPs, and representatives from other Bicycle User Groups and interest groups at Parliament House for the inaugural Bicycle NSW Bike Forum. Presentations, Q&A sessions and Small Group brainstorming & discussions were held canvassing a wide range of cycling related issues during the day-long event. See further details and the full Bicycle NSW report here.