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🙋 Intro

Advocating for better cycling facilities can take a number of different forms. Everyone can be involved! Here are a few ways:

  1. Ride a bike: Just being out there on your bike is a really good (and easy) first step! While not perfect, there's cycling infrastructure out there that's just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. See info on the Rides and Resources pages on where to ride around Western Sydney, or contact CAMWEST or other local Bicycle User Groups.
  2. Track your ride: When you're out riding, consider tracking your ride with either Ride With GPS or Strava on your mobile device. Any ride data set to be publicly viewable in the apps contributes toward an aggragated heat map of where people ride. As well as being viewable by other riders and councils, we and other groups use this data to inform some of our arguments when preparing submissions for improved cycling infrastructure. If you have privacy concerns about routes leading to locations like home or work, you can set 'privacy zones' where data in those zones is not reported.
  3. Bike Spot: Bike Spot 2023 is an interactive map that allows every Australian to say where they feel safe or unsafe while riding their bike. The project aims to create a detailed picture of where people love to ride, and where upgrades are needed to make cycling safe for everyone. Head to to explore the map and add your places where you feel safe riding, pain points, comments and suggestions.
  4. Snap Send Solve: Download the Snap Send Solve app to your mobile phone. When you see something that needs attention, report it to the relevant authority using the app. Things like paths that are overgrown, signs that are pointing the wrong way, debris across the path etc can all be reported. Each report usually only takes a couple of minutes. CAMWEST are currently exploring options to display our reports and resolutions publically.
  5. Respond to Community Consultation: Most councils provide a 'Have Your Say' (or similar) page or website - see the ones from our area listed below. Some councils provide an option to subscribe to their project notification email list where you can filter by the types of projects that you're interested in hearing about.
    When you see a current cycling infrastructure related project, either submit some comments yourself, or preferably, contact CAMWEST or other local Bicycle User Groups and work with others towards preparing a submission on behalf of the group.
  6. Other Ways: See Bicycle NSW - How to Advocate for Bikes or contact your local Bicycle User Group.
📌 Latest Cycle Route Changes

This is a list of known recent openings, re-openings, temporary shared path or popular cycling road closures around Western Sydney. Please contact us if you have any updates to these, or would like to let us know of other closures that aren't listed here.

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: Alfred St Bridge across the Parramatta River.

Date: 31st Oct, 2023

Details: See Parramatta Council's Alfred St Bridge page.

Alfred St Bridge and Surrounds
Alfred St Bridge and Surrounds

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: 5.8km Parramatta Light Rail Active Transport Link (Shared Path) between the corner of Alfred St and River Rd West Parramatta, and Boundary Rd, Carlingford

Date: 31st May, 2023

Details: See the Project Active Transport Link Map.

Note: This was a 'soft' opening. Some of the access points are still not open. There are some diversions in place and other ongoing works.

Soft Opening of Parra Light Rail Active Transport Link
Parramatta Light Rail Active Transport Link 'Soft' Opening, with riders from CAMWEST, Bike North, Bicycle NSW, Parramatta Council and the PLR implementation teams

⛔ Closure:

Location: Cooks River Shared Path Canterbury Rd underpass. See position on Google Maps.

Reason: Underpass upgrade by Canterbury Bankstown Council.

Dates: After much delay, between Aug 26th 2022 until 'early 2023'.

Details: Council's Canterbury Town Centre Upgrade page. Some additional notes to the route below, thanks to James who emailed the below comments:
The Council has helpfully installed a short temporary asphalt path through Tasker Park so cyclists don't have to conflict with pedestrians using the Aquatic Centre entrance and carpark, they have also linemarked Phillips Avenue in Canterbury with cycleway signs too. Another asphalt path has also been installed next to the dog park in Close Street on the other side of Canterbury Road in case people miss the detour or need to go to Canterbury Station/Town Centre.

Note: This is part of a popular cycling route between Strathfield and Wolli Creek, and being done as part of the Canterbury Town Centre upgrade.

Suggested Detour:

Canterbury Rd underpass detour map
Council's revised suggested detour during underpass closure.

✅ Re-opening:

Location: Prospect Reservoir Shared Path between the Prospect Reservoir Picnic Area and Chandos Road. See the section on Google Maps.

Reason: Upgrade work on the Spillway bridge by Select Civil/Cardno on behalf of Water NSW.

Dates: Initially closed intermittently between April and July 2021, but works continued until September 2022.

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: 350m popup cycleway from Harris Park Station path to the M4 shared path, along Cambridge and Wigram Sts, Harris Park. See the Transport for NSW information brochure.

Date: October 2021

Note: This is easier and safer than the previous route along Raymond and High Sts.

Popup cycleway along Wigram St, Harris Park
Popup cycleway along Wigram St, Harris Park

🎈 Opening 🎈

Location: Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk Shared Path, opposite the Parramatta Ferry Wharf. See approximate alignment on Google Maps.

Date: April 1st, 2021

Note: This is a valuable 460m long addition to the Parramatta Valley Cycleway (shared path). It removes the need to climb the hill to cross Macarthur St at the zebra crossing, and makes navigation of the shared path a lot more straight-forward. See CAMWEST's Westmead to Concord West ride, which uses this section of path.

Escarpment Boardwalk near Parramatta Ferry terminal
Escarpment Boardwalk near Parramatta Ferry terminal

⛔ Closure:

Location: Cornwallis Road in Cornwallis (Richmond Lowlands). See approximate position on Google Maps.

Reason: Section of road severely damaged by floods.

Dates: Closed March 2021. Still closed mid November 2021. Further damage has occurred in floods since.

Note: This is part of a popular cycling route between Richmond and Windsor, along the Hawkesbury River. It looks like it may take some time to reconstruct the road. There was no way through when the site was visited in May. A shorter loop can still be completed, starting and finishing at Richmond, and doing a loop around the western half of the Lowlands.

Damage to Cornwallis Road from floods
Cornwallis Rd gap....
🚧 Paths under Construction

There are several shared paths currently under construction or soon to start construction in the Parramatta and Blacktown areas. These include:

  • Alfred St Shared path
  • Milson Park masterplan (Shared path between Mons Rd and Darcy Rd, Westmead, following the Finleysons Ck corridor) and Shannons Paddock, the continuation of the shared path from Darcy Rd through Shannons Paddock to Reid Avenue and hopefully eventually to Wentworth Ave.
  • Constituion Hill To Westmead T-way Shared path re-alignment with a new bridge across Toongabbie Creek and diverting away from the problematic crossing of Hart Drive at Old Windsor Rd and a number of commercial driveways along Briens Rd.
  • A shared path starting at the M7 shared path Mavis St Rooty Hill ramp and proceeding under the M7 alongside Angus Creek to the new Blacktown Exercise Sports and Technonlogy Hub (BEST) at the Blacktown International Sportspark, then onto Charlie Bali reserve. See a mention of the path here.
🕵 Routes under Investigation
  • Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2, which includes 8.5km of shared path linking in to existing shared paths in the area. See the EIS Portal, and click on the 'Active Transport' checkbox for a map of existing and proposed routes. For more general info on the project see the Parramatta Light Rail Virtual Room.
🤔 Community Consultation:

CAMWEST along with other bicycle groups, individuals, and government bodies submit comments when community consultation is sought on projects that affect cycling in our area. Below are some examples of what we and other organisations have submitted or been involved with.

Westmead South Draft Master Plan

Overview: This was a relatively short and quick piece of feedback. We welcome the routes put forward in the plan which we believe will form part of the Active Transport backbone in the area.
One of the pinchpoints immediately outside the precinct (which wasn't raised in the feedback) is the railway crossing on Bridge St. This is on the Cumberland and Parramatta council boundary and the bridge is likely a State asset. A safe crossing will need to be part of the development of the route alongside the railway line between Wentworthville and Westmead.

Project Documentation: Feedback from CAMWEST:

Updated: Dec 2023

Merrylands Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Overview: An underlying issue that we've observed for all the Cumberland Council Town Centre Public Domain Plans is that we're not aware of any 'mid-level' Active Transport plans that affect riders getting into or through these precincts. Council have a broad LGA-wide plan, but it doesn't go into the detail necessary for each of these important town centres.
This plan contains a few welcome linkages on the western side of the railway line, but lacks any clear direction that would encourage Active Transport uptake in the area.

Project Documentation: Feedback from CAMWEST:

Updated: Dec 2023

Guildford Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Overview: An underlying issue that we've observed for all the Cumberland Council Town Centre Public Domain Plans is that we're not aware of any 'mid-level' Active Transport plans that affect riders getting into or through these precincts. Council have a broad LGA-wide plan, but it doesn't go into the detail necessary for each of these important town centres.
This plan has a vague alternative to Guildford Rd (East) for riders who are less confident in traffic, but lacks any clear direction that would encourage Active Transport uptake in the area.

Project Documentation: Feedback from CAMWEST:

Updated: Dec 2023

Regents Park Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Overview: An underlying issue that we've observed for all the Cumberland Council Town Centre Public Domain Plans is that we're not aware of any 'mid-level' Active Transport plans that affect riders getting into or through these precincts. Council have a broad LGA-wide plan, but it doesn't go into the detail necessary for each of these important town centres.
We've suggested that the railway line crossing needs serious consideration, and also suggested an additional on-road alternative to Amy St for riders who are less confident in traffic.

Project Documentation: Feedback from CAMWEST and Bicycle NSW:

Updated: Oct 2023

2023 Parramatta Bike Plan Refresh

Overview: As a number of developments have recently occured or are planned, Parramatta have released a draft review of their 2017 Bike Plan. While we broadly welcome the ambitious plan, we believe there are a few deficiencies in there. We left comments on the ineractive map and also elaborated on some of them in our written feedback.

Project Documentation and Interactive Map: Feedback from CAMWEST and Bicycle NSW:

Updated: Sep 2023

Cumberland Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy

Overview: In late 2022 CAMWEST members provided comments on an initial interactive map of the area and attended a subsequent workshop on refining and further developing some of the ideas put forward. The end result is the Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy, to which both CAMWEST and Bicycle NSW have provided feedback. Unfortunately the plans as presented are still at a high 'concept' level, with more work required to identify potential usable routes. On the upside, two of the identified corridors already have more detailed plans in place. There is some movement on at least one of these - The Duck River Parklands.

Project Documention: Feedback from CAMWEST and Bicycle NSW:

Updated: Aug 2023

Eastern Creek Quarter Outlet Centre Plan

Overview: Proposed Stage 3 of existing shopping precinct. As part of the project a shared path is proposed along the south side of Chruch St, Rooty Hill which will link the M7 shared path to Rooty Hill Rd South. A short path along Rooty Hill Rd South is also proposed between Church St and Beggs Rd. Promotional documentation suggests that path will continue along Rooty Hill Rd South to the Great Western Hwy, but this is outside the Stage 3 area and the the plans don't indicate this. Bike parking is proposed in Stage 3, but probably not where riders want it. CAMWEST have made a number of suggestions relating to cycling access to Stage 3 as well as the existing two stages and links into the surrounding community.

The project documentation and submissions can be found at:

Submission from CAMWEST:

Updated: April 2023

Lidcombe Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Overview: The plan covers improvements to four identified precincts which make up Lidcombe Town Centre. A separated path is proposed along Mary St on the north side of the railway line, but this is the main real active transport improvement. (Note that the Pippita Rail Trail is proposed to end somewhere along Church St as well). CAMWEST make several other suggestions that we believe would improve Active Transport in the area. However, we believe that until the elephant in the room - the crossing of the railway line at or near Lidcome station - is adequately addressed, any other improvements will be just fiddling around the edges.

The project documentation can be found at:

Submissions from CAMWEST and BicycleNSW:

Updated: April 2023

Wigram St Popup Cycleway Conversion

Overview: Two options were presented to convert the Wigram St popup to a permanent cycleway with additional streetscape improvements. Consultation closed on 28th Feb, 2023. 95 responses were received by council. Emergency Services have raised concerns about the preferred option. A third alternative solution is now being investigated by council. More updates will be posted here when received. Project details below:

Original: Feb 2023. Last Update: June 2023.

91km Parramatta to CBD Foreshore Link

See comments on the Transport for NSW Interactive map below.

Updated: Jan 2023

2km Pippita Rail Trail

Overview:The NSW State Govt have granted Cumberland Council over $770,000 to undertake detailed investigations on converting the disused 100 year old Pippita abatoir line between Lidcombe Station and Olympic Park into an active transport corridor. Although in poor condition, bridges already exist across Parramatta Rd and the M4. See this link to the video story from Seven News. It is hard to determine from the information provided where both ends of the route terminate. While we would welcome the off-road link between Lidcombe and Olympic Park, without improved connectivity around Lidcombe we fear that the path may be a bit of a white elephant. I hope we're wrong. See also the Lidcombe Town Centre plan above.

This phase of Community Consultation is now closed. The project documentation can be found at:

Feedback from CAMWEST:

Updated: Dec 2022

Strategic Cycleway Corridors for Greater Sydney

As part of the NSW Government's Greater Cities Commission, Transport for NSW have been working on Strategic Cycleway Corridors for three of the six identified 'cities' that form the Greater Sydney area.

Bicycle NSW, CAMWEST and other Bicycle User Groups have been assisting Trasnport for NSW with identifying corridors for the above cities. Although broad in scope, these corridors will help inform Transport for NSW as they plan new cycling infrastucture going forward.

Penrith Accessible Trails Hierarchy Study (PATHS) Implementation Plan

Overview: This is the latest review of shared paths and active transport in general for the Penrith LGA.

Summary of CAMWEST Feedback:

  • Penrith Council overlayed proposed paths on base-maps which were meant to show current shared paths. A number of current paths which we're aware of were not shown on these base-maps. These included both old and new paths. We asked the question whether council needs to conduct an audit of what they already have.
  • There are a number of 2m wide paths throughout the council area. Although failing to meet minimum current specifications, some paths looked like there were meant to be shared paths and provided needed linkages. Some were marked on the base-maps while others weren't.
  • There was no direct mention of the Dunheved Rd upgrade (which includes a shared path) or the proposed Werrington Arterial Stage 2 in the plan. The Dunheved Rd upgrade is anticipated to be finished in around 4 years time.
  • We questioned whether proposed new sections of the Penrith to Cranebrook path alongside roads were the best use of scarce Council resources, where an existing path (albeit 2m wide) already existed through a nearby reserve. We asked Council to consider whether extending the existing path and slowly updating sections of it may provide better long-term outcomes.
  • We suggested several other shared path routes should have a higher priority, including the 2km link along Forrester Rd from St Marys Station to Ropes Ck Blvd, which would provide connectivity for the residents of Ropes Crossing (in Blacktown LGA) to their local train station.
  • We suggested a couple of options to improve access to the northern section of the River walk.

The project documentation can be found at:

Updated: Oct 2022

Duck River Parklands - Draft Strategic Masterplan

Overview: Cumberland Council are proposing to update existing paths in this corridor and build others, including bridges across Wellington Rd and two bridges across the Duck River between Boundary Rd and Princes Rd West and near Chiswick Rd. There were some existing paths missing from Council's base map. CAMWEST would like to see the first of the above crossings of Duck River given priority, as this would provide a much needed on-road link to the south. Note there is also a planned connection to the Pipeline path when that gets constructed.

The project documentation can be found at:

Submissions from CAMWEST and Bicycle NSW:

Updated: Oct 2022

Prospect Pipeline Corridor - Draft Strategic Masterplan

- Show Section to Upgrade on Map
- Show Section to Construct on Map

Overview: Cumberland Council are planning to update the existing path between Prospect Reservoir and Railway St Guildford (referred to as Corridor West), and continue the shared path through the pipeline reserve to Rose Crescent near Regents Park station (Corridor East). The centre-piece of Corridor East will be the construction of a bridge across Woodville Rd. There are also planned connections to the Duck River path and other local streets. CAMWEST make several suggestions for additional improvements to Corridor West.

The project documentation can be found at:

Submissions from CAMWEST and Bicyle NSW:

Updated: Sep 2022

M7 Roadway Widening

Overview: This project is for widening the Westlink M7 Motorway between Prestons and Richmond Rd to three lanes in each direction. The M7 and M12 interchange near Elizabeth Drive is also being managed by this project. Note that the section of the M7 around the M4 interchange is being managed under a separate project. There are a number of shared path deviations planned during construction, ranging in additional distance per segment from 300 metres to 1.3 kms (Exec Summary Page 12). Apart from some changes around the M12 interchange, the original path should be restored on completion of each stage.

Although we share concerns raised by others regarding using the third lane for general transport use where it was originally envisaged that any future lanes should be dedicated for public transport use, our concern now is to ensure that the shared path deviations during the construction phase are to the highest standard.

Note that after completion, cyclists will no longer have the option of riding on the M7 roadway between the M5 junction (Prestons) and Richmond Rd (See Exec Summary page 12). All riders will need to use the shared path. One small win for active transport users is that the M7 access path to Station St/North Parade at Rooty Hill alongside the northern side of the railway line will be sealed.

The project documentation and a copy of all submissions including the Submissions Report can be found at:

Individual submissions from CAMWEST, Bike North, Bicycle NSW and Blacktown Council: Submissions Report (including a copy of all received submissions):

Original: Aug 2022. Last Update: June 2023